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Review Date: June 17, 2010
Reviewer: Josh
Trial Pricing: $4.95 - 3 Days
Discount Pricing: $17.95 - 30 Days
Savings: $6.00 (Save 25%)
Video DRM: No
Live Chat: No


Pictures: 258 Picture Sets w/ 300 Pictures Per Set
Picture Details: (High-Res: Yes) (Vid Caps: Yes) (Zip: No)


Videos: 258 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Delivery Type: Download And Stream
Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips

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Flash Video (.flv) - 720x406 1500 Kbps
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MPEG (.mpg) - 720x406 1500 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 720x406 1500 Kbps

Bait Bus Full Review

"Baitbus does what it says on the tin. There’s plenty of action to keep you going for a long time, albeit a bit samey."


Now I’ve never been too keen on women in my porn flicks but as long as they keep out of the action I can cope – probably my voyeuristic streak (I love to be watched). That’s where Baitbus kicks in for me. The premise is simple…they supposedly grab a guy off the streets and offer him a BJ from a hot babe, for free, in the back of a moving car. Once in the car they blindfold the guy and switch the girl for a hot guy who proceeds to give him the blowjob of his life.

Obviously though there’s more to it than that ‘cause although oral action is great I’d rather see a tight ass getting reamed too. So halfway through the BJ off comes the hood and the guy from the street is ‘shocked’ to see another guy sucking his dick rather than this hot girl he expected. After calming him down he then gets offered cash to continue and take it further – which is where the ass fucking kicks in. Obviously the guy accepts (or it’d be a pretty short porn film) and the action really heats up.


The actor bought in to fuck the supposed straight guy is usually pretty hot with a decent dick to match. It’s nice to see both guys seeming to actually enjoy the action. ‘Gay for pay’ in porn films is OK in its way but isn’t it much better to see a couple of guys who seem to enjoy the action instead? The woman at the side (the ‘bait) doesn’t distract too much and the fact that she’s in the car and the car is moving through public streets adds to the voyeuristic quality.

The quality of the films are pretty good and the format options OK too. You get a choice of WMV or MPG to download and for those who want a quick fix, you can open a smallish streaming clip to jump straight into the action. Each movie is split into several downloadable scenes at a little under 200Mb each, so not too much of a strain on those with a decent connection. The downloaded clips can also be stretched to full size without too much loss of quality, the 100% size being 720 x 480 by default.

Updates occur at the rate of one a week with each film being of the same quality as the last and of a decent length. A series of images are also uploaded both in highish quality and fuzzier screen caps. You also get the option of a trailer to see a summary of the action although given that every episode features the same plot I’m not sure that’s needed.

The content is all exclusive which is a huge plus. This helps boost the value for money a little as exclusive content is always appreciated and certainly more expensive to shoot than stock stuff seen everywhere else. However there are no other feeds of porn to the site.


Some may find a grinning girl at the side of much of the action a bit of a turn off although it doesn’t bother me too much. As the whole premise is voyeuristic in nature it shouldn’t deter too many others either who are into this sort of thing.

The whole theme does get rather repetitive though. The guy’s change a little as does the actor now and again but it is essentially the same story over and over again and it could be argued that if you watch one you’ve seen them all. That said….you could say the same about most porn yet we all keep coming back for more. There’s just something about seeing a fresh, new cock sucked for the first time…

Being a ‘reality’ porn site there really isn’t too much reality. The supposed straight guys more often than not send the gaydar into overdrive as soon as they appear. Although this may detract from the fantasy a little, of another straight guy bought out of his closet, it does have the advantage that he actually enjoys the action and wants his ass fucked.


Baitbus does what it says on the tin. There’s plenty of action to keep you going for a long time, albeit a bit samey. Most of the guys are hot and they at least seem to enjoy being fucked which is a huge plus (although that could just be the Viagra talking). Although the once a week update is good I can’t help feeling that maybe an option to view a little non-excusive, but still decent quality, porn may help a little. 4 new scenes a month isn’t quite enough to keep me going, or paying for that matter, but the site’s still worth joining for a month or three until you’ve exhausted all they have so far.

All in all I’d recommend Baitbus especially to those with or voyeuristic streak or those who like the whole fantasy thing of turning a straight guy gay. There’s enough content and updates to keep you going for quite a few months before exhausting it and moving on to pastures new. So a big thumbs-up from me.

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