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Categories: Hardcore
Review Date: September 11, 2008
Reviewer: Josh
Trial Pricing: $4.95 - 3 Days
Monthly Pricing: $24.95 - 30 Days
Video DRM: No
Live Chat: No


Bonus Sites: 82
Bonus Feeds: 53


Videos: 26 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Delivery Type: Download And Stream
Downloads: Full Video

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MP4 (.mp4) - 480x360 800 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 640x480 1100 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 640x480 2000 Kbps

Bare Bum Mountain Full Review

"Barebum Mountain delivers some very fine cowboys and military dudes you’re going to find on the web – or off! "


As a general rule, I don’t think sequels are as good as the original, be it a television show, movie, or book. Even worse, at least most of the time, are obvious attempts to capitalize on someone else’s success. That’s the attitude I took with me as I started to review Barebum Mountain.

Frankly, what I expected was part parody/part porn site. I didn’t really get that impression from the promotional tour, mind you; it was full of hot guys and the usual promises (hardcore action, lots of pictures and movies, etc.). I guess I expected it because that’s the mindset you find on a lot of websites. As you will see from my review, first impressions and initial assumptions can often be wrong!


There were forty eight excellent photo sets on the pages of Barebum Mountain at the time I did my review. From the first to the last page, they are serving up hot guys, either solo or in intense hardcore encounters. There are between thirty and sixty images on each site.

The promotional tour mentions downloadable movies, and at first glance there aren’t any on the site. First glances can be as deceiving as first impressions, however. If you check out the top of the web pages you’ll see some links to more content. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Like most subscription offers on the Internet today, Barebum Mountain members get access to more than just the material found on the site itself. In this case, if you follow the links to the Bonus Sites, Massive Photo Database, or the XXX Video archive, you’ll be blown away by what you find. Any one of these features by itself would be better than most sites offer!

For example, if you check out the Bonus sites, you’ll find fifteen gay sites included. This spans a wide range of gay porn niches; everything from Sexy Gaymes (sexy sports channels) to “Twinks for Cash” to “Straight Turns Gay” is included. It does not matter whether you are looking for college dudes (Fratmen), bareback action (Bare), or facials (Guys First Facial), you’ll find it here!

The bonus photo galleries chock full of sexy men in whatever type you’re interested in. The link opened to the hunks section, and there were nearly three hundred of them. There are also archives of Asians, Bears, Ebony, and Uniform, with more archives to be added later!

The movie archive is the best of the bonus features by far; in fact, it would probably be worth the price of a membership in and of itself! Between the Gay and Black Gay links there were three hundred twenty movies when I did my review. That’s not all you get, either; there are thirty categories of straight porn too!

The total archive contains over three thousand movies spread out over nearly every niche of Internet porn. What you’re getting is the complete contents of over six hundred sixty erotic DVDs! I recommend being careful when checking out the bonus content links on Barebum Mountain; if you’re not careful, you’ll forget to check out the cowboys on the site!

Not checking out the dudes in the photo sets on Barebum Mountain would be a serious loss, however. These guys are hot, whether twinks, hunks or bears! There are a couple of military boys in the mix, and they are as delicious as the cowpokes! In fact, you’ll be humming the Marine Corps hymn after checking out the sexy cowboy who is also a marine!

If you check out the photo set of a twink craving bear cock, for example, you’ll get an awesome set of pictures. The images are excellent, at over a thousand pixels on the long edge. The file sizes are healthy at between 90-130KB, which may cause some loading delays on slower Internet connections. Be patient, however; these are views you just don’t want to miss!


I really didnt find any cons for Bare Bum Mountain


Barebum Mountain delivers some very fine cowboys and military dudes you’re going to find on the web – or off! Whether you pick solo sets or guys in hardcore action, you get excellent photos that you’ll want to view over and over. The website itself is both attractive and very easy to use.

The bonus content available to you with a Barebum Mountain subscription is as good as the photo sets on the site itself. The bonus sites, photo collections, and downloadable movies make this an offer that is as attractive as any of the guys! I give Barebum Mountain a very good recommendation!

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