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Review Date: April 24, 2012
Reviewer: Josh
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Bath House Bait Full Review

"A free walk through the erotic and sensuous world of bath houses. One mans chronicle of nearly a decade of experience."


Bath House Blues is an interesting take on the erotica and porn genre. In fact, the word “porn” really doesn’t apply here. This is a blog detailing the experiences of the author –an Asian gay man- as he visits bathhouses and chronicles his experiences there.


I can’t vouch for the reality of these stories, but what really comes across in the writing, the pictures and videos is a sincere quality that makes what’s being said so much more real. If standard porn has a fault, it’s how impersonal and almost mechanical it seems. This site has none of that. Written as the personal experiences as the blogger, it is so much more intimate and personal, and therefore reaches you on a completely different level.

Personally I don’t know much about bathhouses or their particular culture, but this is a very open and revealing view of what happens in these institutions. They are places where men fraternize and connect personally, and this is a very frank presentation that needs to be read by anyone interested in the scene.

This is not a pay-site or anything like that, but a look at the author’s experiences. Originally set up in 2005, this site chronicles almost 10 years of personal observation, mostly stories that the author witnessed or was told. Many articles focus on the basics of the bathhouse (there is one titled “Bathhouse Etiquette”). The focus is not to get you off, but to present you a candid characterization of this system that many men are drawn to, and after reading this site, you are in serious risk of being attracted as well. It’s very informative, and very complete; and certainly will appeal to people who have not been to a bathhouse before.

That’s not to say that there isn’t good material there. The site has an extensive collection of pictures with all manner of intimate acts in bathhouses. They are a visual aid to what the author describes in his stories. There is an extensive collection of bathhouse related gay videos, all of them available for streaming.

The site is more a collection for aficionados of the bathhouse scene, so the videos and pictures vary in resolution and quality. Though, honestly, if that’s your interest this is probably not the site for you. I got hooked on the site simply to learn about this particular activity that I didn’t know about.

Finally, it’s important to remember that it’s a blog, not a pay porn site. So visiting doesn’t cost you anything. The author here isn’t selling anything, so you can presume a certain amount of sincerity in his presentation.


This is not a porn site. Of course that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value, and while there is a lot to get you really horny, and it will tickle more than a couple of fetishes, this is not a “bang for your buck” site. This is a personal and amateur site.


This site is highly recommended for those who are into the bathhouse scene or are interested in learning about it. A blog detailing the personal and candid experiences of one man, and the very diverse set of characters he meets. If you are looking for something intimate, that will speak from one person to another; this is the site for you. And it’s completely free.

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