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Review Date: August 07, 2012
Reviewer: Josh
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Haze Him Full Review

"Everything is shot in a way that makes you feel like you are there in the crowd at these parties!"


They are college freshman and they want to join the hottest gay frat house on campus. There is one little obstacle standing in their way. They have to survive the pledge hazing. It is wet, wild, hardcore and we get to go along for the crazy ride. The tour looks hot so I can’t wait to get inside and see what these crazy guys are up to.


This is an all exclusive site so this is the only place you can get this action. The scenes are everything that the tour promised and then some. There are all kinds of wild hazing parties here. Some are simply, funny and even cute as guys have to get naked and run through a field or do some kind of chores naked. Others have cute freshman twinks getting their asses paddled. The more hardcore scenes show frat guys blindfolded and sucking dick. One that really caught my eye had two frat members fucking two pledges in a race to see who cums first. Those guys better clinch that ass up and get their man off if they want to be in this frat. Another that was both hot and kind of funny had three frat pledges fucking in a little wading pool. They barely fit in the pool so fucking in it was a real challenge. It is wild, raw, hardcore and most of all erotic and fun.

Everything is shot in a way that makes you feel like you are there in the crowd at these parties. The videos look good. From time to time they might get a little shaky as the camera operators are moving around the room trying to catch all the action, but the video quality itself looks great and is DVD quality or very close to it. The videos hold up well and even look good at full screen size. Each of these scenes also has a picture gallery. The pics are a little on the small side, but they get the job done nicely.

There is a decent mount of content in this site with 60 different scenes live now and more on the way. It seems like they add a new party about once a week so the site is growing at a nice, steady pace.


The only real negative aspect of this site is that the videos are streaming online. The streams play perfectly and look great, but you can’t download them. For me personally this isn’t a huge deal, but I know a lot of people prefer to download the movies to watch them so I wanted to make note of it here.


This is a unique, high quality, fun site that has a lot going for it. The content rocks, the videos look great and the site is a decent size and continues to grow. I do wish the videos could be downloaded, but that is a small blemish on what is otherwise a very good site.