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Review Date: February 24, 2012
Reviewer: Josh
Trial Pricing: $4.95 - 2 Days
Discount Pricing: $14.95 - 30 Days
Savings: $15.00 (Save 50%)
Video DRM: No
Live Chat: No


Bonus Sites: 10
Bonus Scenes: 500


Pictures: 115 Picture Sets w/ 500 Pictures Per Set
Picture Details: (High-Res: Yes) (Vid Caps: Yes) (Zip: No)


Videos: 115 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Delivery Type: Download And Stream
Downloads: Full Video

Video Formats

Flash Video (.flv) - 720x406

Its Gonna Hurt Full Review

"If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to take a huge 10 inch black cock in your ass so hard that it hurts, then this is the site that shows you!"


It’s Gonna Hurt is not a bold claim that this site cannot back up, this site has some serious cocks that are ready to take on some super tight assholes! This site has some serious high quality footage that is just waiting for you to come and watch as these unsuspecting young boys take these massive cocks deep and roughly into their gay asses. This site features some seriously well hung men with cocks so large that they are bigger than a Rockstar energy drink! That is some seriously massive cocks, you have to check out this site to believe these monsters.


It’s Gonna Hurt is a good site that does not disappoint! It is loaded with massive cocks and tight assholes. Not only that but you can see the look of shock and pain on these boys faces as these monster cocks penetrate their unprepared gay asshole! Then there are these other features that this site has, that make it a great choice to become a member. Like the price of the site, the quality of the material, and the great scheme of the site.

It’s Gonna Hurt costs only $29.95 a month to become a member to this site. That is less than a dollar a day and the site is filled with wonderfully appealing material that shows these gay assholes taking a serious pounding. The models are so large that the pictures almost look like they are fake but when you watch the videos and see these monster cocks get hard you can tell these giants are real and ready to give a serious pounding.

It’s Gonna Hurt is loaded with high resolution pictures and high definition videos for members to view. The material is crystal clear and there is no question that these massive dicks are being shoved deep into the tiny tight gay assholes. And there is no doubt that the look on these boy’s faces is nothing but pure shock and awe as they first see the monster cocks and shock and pain as those cocks are rammed deep into their assholes.

It’s Gonna Hurt is a creative site that takes gay porn to a whole new level. The site takes tiny un-expecting assholes and opens them wide open and rams massive 10 inch cocks into them, and you get to watch the look of pain and shock on the receivers face! Then the look of pain and pleasure as they enjoy taking a serious pounding by those same large monster cocks!


It’s Gonna Hurt is a good site loaded with high quality material and a great concept to make the site work, however there are a few things that the site needs to improve upon to make it a much better site. The site could use the ability to download the videos, the formats available and a bonus subscription.

It’s Gonna Hurt has great high definition videos that are amazing and just waiting for you to watch, however the only way that you can see them is through streaming. Not being able to download these videos is a major con compared to other sites. The site is also limited in formats to choose from to view the videos and could therefore improve on the number of formats available.

It’s Gonna Hurt does not come with a bonus subscription which for the price makes it less appealing than other sites around the same price that come with multiple sites. This could be a major determining factor for people that want to become a member but want a little more variety for their buck, especially when they can go to almost any site and get more sites for the same price. However not every site has these monster cocks waiting to pounce on tight gay assholes!


It’s Gonna Hurt has the potential to become an amazing site with just a little bit of effort and a few more features. But as it is now it still is a site worth checking out and seeing if it is for you!

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