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Categories: Hunks
Review Date: February 14, 2012
Reviewer: Josh
Trial Pricing: $2.95 - 3 Days
Monthly Pricing: $29.95 - 30 Days
Video DRM: No
Live Chat: No


Bonus Sites: 5


Pictures: 48 Picture Sets w/ 100 Pictures Per Set
Picture Details: (High-Res: Yes) (Vid Caps: Yes) (Zip: No)


Videos: 48 Videos At Around 20 Minutes Each
Delivery Type: Download And Stream
Downloads: Full Video

Nude Male Dancers Full Review

"This is a cool site that offers something different."


This is a pretty cool looking site. The idea behind it is that they have live cams stationed in a gay strip club in Montreal. We get to check out the live shows every night only it appears to be even better because we get to see backstage and other things that you might not see if you were there in the club. The tour shows that there are some very hot guys here and this is an original idea for a site so let’s get inside and see how it all pans out.


The content in this site is exclusive to it and all original. Essentially there are two different sections to this site. There are the live cams that are up and running during the actual show and there are pictures, bios of the dancers and previous shows that have been recorded so you can watch them whenever you want.

The bios include some information about each of the dancers, a schedule of when they normally perform and some pictures of them. The pictures look pretty good and seem to be professional quality. I like this feature a lot because it makes it easier to find out when your favorite guys are going to be hitting the stage or if there is a guy you have never seen before you can learn more about him. There are about 60 different guys that work here so this directory can be of real use. The past shows are recorded and archived. They aren’t saved forever, but there are a decent number of past shows available for you to check out.

The live shows feature a couple of different cam angles including a couple of cameras that shoot the stage so you get a good view of the action and a backstage came that they call the “jerk off camera.” This cam is setup just offstage where the guys get ready to come out and perform. They want to look their best so they whip out their cocks and stroke themselves until they are just the right amount of hard and we get to see it all go down. The live shows last about five hours per night and are on almost every night.

The videos can be watched in online streams and for the most part the quality is pretty good. Sometimes the picture looks better during some shows than others because of the lighting differences.


You can’t download the videos. For me it wasn’t that big of a deal because the streams play well and loaded fast, but I know some people like to download.

You may or may not get access to some bonus sites. I was able to access some other sites in the network this site belongs to, but I have read that other people have not been able to so it could be the style of membership they gave me to review this site. So don’t join this one expecting a lot of extra sites. You might get them, but you may not.


This is a cool site that offers something different. I have actually never seen a site like this before so the unique quality of it alone scores points. The videos look good and I liked that they archive the past shows for a little while. I also like the performer’s bios. They could improve it by being more clear about what you get when you join and allowing downloads of past shows, but beyond those two problems there is no other site out there that I know of that will give you a new, fresh, live five hour long show every night.

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