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Categories: Public
Review Date: November 04, 2011
Reviewer: Josh
Trial Pricing: $4.95 - 2 Days
Discount Pricing: $14.95 - 30 Days
Savings: $15.00 (Save 50%)
Video DRM: No
Live Chat: No


Bonus Sites: 10
Bonus Scenes: 500


Pictures: 35 Picture Sets w/ 500 Pictures Per Set
Picture Details: (High-Res: Yes) (Vid Caps: Yes) (Zip: No)


Videos: 35 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Delivery Type: Download And Stream
Downloads: Full Video

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Unglory Hole Full Review

"This is a cool, unique site with a great idea and amazing execution."


These guys head to a porn shop where they know there is a glory hole. The get into the booth, pull out their cocks and put it through the hole. What they don’t know is that the girl on the other side steps aside and lets her gay friend take over. These guys had no idea that they were going to get blown by a guy, but that is exactly what happens. The tour looks pretty cool so let’s get inside and see how it all goes down.


The content here is exclusive to this site so you won’t find these scenes anywhere else. The tour promises some hot action and they deliver it in spades. The scenes play out in a similar manner. The guys go to the porn store and go into the booth. They find the glory hole and see a woman on the other side waiting for some action to happen. The pull their cocks out and stick them through the hole and that is when the girl moves out of the way and lets her gay friend take over. He strokes and sucks that cock like only another guy can. It is pretty wild and crazy watching these guys suck and stroke that cock until the guy cums. The guy milks him dry then lets him pull out and see who just gave him head. Some of the guys freak out, some are cool about it, some get angry and we get to see it all unfold. It is like one big, crazy reality show meets a porn site.

These wild scenes are shown to us in DVD quality videos that you can watch in Flash format online streams. These videos load fast and play great. The quality of them is very good. They have a clean, clear picture that holds up pretty damn well even at full screen size. The newer updates also have HD video options. The HD videos are crystal clear and look freaking amazing. They are flawless and will blow you away. I would imagine all of the future updates will also have HD videos.

This site is of a decent size. It currently has 71 different exclusive scenes and the site updates by adding a new scene to the site once per month. Currently this site doesn’t give you access to any bonus sites, however, they do offer you a deal where you can spend a few extra bucks and buy access to nine other sites. These sites all have exclusive content and many of them have HD videos. These are some cool sites and are well worth the extra cash.


There are two problems that come to mind here. First off, the pictures that go with each scene are nothing more than screenshots taken from the videos. They aren’t that good looking and don’t really add much value to the site.

The second problem is that there are no downloads for the movies. The streams play great so for me the lack of downloads is not that big of a deal, but I know many people prefer downloads and that is not an option here.


This is a cool, unique site with a great idea and amazing execution. The videos look good, the action is hot and it all comes together well. I do wish there were better pics and downloadable movies, but those are pretty minor flaws in what is a pretty cool, interesting site.

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